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Violation of Probation Florida | Tampa Criminal Defense
Violation of Probation Florida | Tampa Criminal Defense

Violation of Probation in Florida

If you believe that you are about to be violated by your probation officer you need to contact a skilled, experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer immediately. Often once the Judge signs off on a violation of probation warrant you will be facing a “no bond” situation upon arrest and be forced to remain in jail before a hearing can be arranged before the Judge. Hiring a lawyer means that a motion to withdraw the warrant can be filed often allowing you to walk into court to address the situation with you and your lawyer and possibly avoid a one to two week sit in jail before a hearing date. This is valuable time that allows you to keep your job and housing.

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Typically, there are two types of violation. It is either alleged that you violated the technical terms of your supervision by either not completing one of the conditions, missing an appointment, not being home for curfew or falling behind on payments or community service hours or testing positive for a controlled substance. The second type of violation occurs when you are accused of committing a new law violation.

No matter what the violation, it is important to act fast if you think you are about to be violated. Hiring a lawyer to assist you is important. We also must gather all of the “good” evidence as soon as possible. The Department of Corrections has already pointed out to the Court what you have done wrong (allegedly). We must gather the evidence of all the things that you have done right. Reference letters are helpful here. Showing that you are employed, have stable housing, have completed certain requirements of your supervision are just a few of the mitigating factors that need to be gathered.


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